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Google, 36 U.S. States Condemn Company for Monopoly - Nert 4. Life

Google, 36 U.S. States Condemn Company for Monopoly – Nert 4. Life

Seems like an extension of the known conflict between Apple and the epic game 36 states of the United States, They decided to do The reason But a Google, As far as the management of the Play Store is concerned, is said to be a monopoly.

The lawsuit, dated July 7, 2021, has been officially filed by various states, including Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah, citing Google’s dominance and misrepresentation. Enable Store Management Connected with Android.

The question worries celebrities as well 30% Google gets its own store from every transaction, but this is the main position compared to other stores, thanks to the pressure exerted by the company as the manager of the operating system.

However, Google considers the whole thing to be “cause without cause” and will find it “Page”, Consider that this is being carried out by lawyers from different states who have chosen to “attack a system that allows more transparency and choice than others”.

By the way, Google probably refers to the strangeness of the attack that did not affect other similar stores like Apple, and consider how it looks on Android More openness Towards different possibilities. As for the similarity with the famous Fortnite case, Wilson White, Google’s senior director of public policy, notes: “This accusation reflects a similarly useless one by the big developer. Epic game, Which benefited from the launch of the Android by distributing the Fortnight app outside of Google Play. “

As the lawsuit puts it, Google argues, “This is not about helping small companies or protecting consumers. It’s about helping big developers who want the benefits of Google Play, but not paying for them. Such demand brings more risks and costs to small developers.”

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