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Final Fantasy XVI: 2021 will not be shown at the Tokyo Sports Fair.

Final Fantasy XVI: 2021 will not be shown at the Tokyo Sports Fair.

Final Fantasy XVI 2021 is unlikely to feature at the Tokyo Sports Fair. Final Fantasy 16 came in an interview with Noki Yoshida and Yoko Toro during the 14-hour Fantasy XIV Stream Marathon.

Final Fantasy XVI is not on TGS 2021

It was said that the development team wanted to show something about the Tokyo Game Show ThatHowever, Yoshida will not want to make major announcements until the game is over. However, this will most likely not run until DGS 2021, which will take place on September 30, 2021.

After consulting with the team and sports director Hiroshi Tagai it was decided that they would like one Make a big announcement with lots of information instead of many small announcements with less information To announce.

Yoshida assures him that he is really serious so that people do not think that it is only for the purpose of presenting new information with surprise. (This statement may have come from Yoshida’s initial denial that he was working on the project.)

These reports were translated by Twitter user itaitaikimochi:

Yoko Toro & Saito teased with Yoshi-B that it would be an epic troll level if Final Fantasy 16 was not shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Yoshi-B said Final Fantasy XVI will be available soon after the next big new announcement.

Video with English subs from me here:

They are: Twitter itaitaikimochi

Current development status

In this conversation, we learn more about the current state of development of Final Fantasy XVI, although the development team (Business Section III) at DGS 2021 has not been able to show this project. Good progress Has done.

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Among other things, you have already completed the main scene for the game, which means that the main plot and script are also ready. In addition, the synchronization of the English voice output is almost complete.

Final Fantasy XVI Announcement Trailer

Final Fantasy XVI RPG is a single player created for the PlayStation 5. Age classification is still pending. No appointment yet.

They are: Siliconora