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Good Life was postponed again, but Nintendo planned to switch

Good Life was postponed again, but Nintendo planned to switch

Originally planned for this summer, The Good Life has been postponed to next fall.

In The Good Life, the variations of life send New York photographer Naomi to the bizarre little British city of Rainy Woods, whose people on the surface seem to live in peaceful existence. But as Naomi begins to pay off her debts, selling her photos and doing odd jobs, she realizes that not everything is right in “the happiest city in the world.” The transformation of residents into pets is one of the many mysteries that Naomi has to unravel in The Good Life.

Master the art of investigative photojournalism to investigate like a real detective and destroy and reveal Rainy Woods’ hidden secrets. Aphid but satisfying odd jobs are welcome to end, but beware of overwork: you will get sick if you do not take care of your body. Save money by growing your own vegetable garden, make friends (even enemies), and enjoy the sweet life of Rainy Woods, especially after you get your hands on your favorite sheep. Get around the city (no clutter around).

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