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Nintendo Switch: Check the release date of the exclusive wait on the web

Nintendo Switch: Check the release date of the exclusive wait on the web

The pre-E3 2021 atmosphere is already making itself felt, and a lot more. In addition to the full series of announcements regarding the digital events we see within a week, various companies and software companies have been announcing various news in some of their games before the return of the Los Angeles exhibition. Meanwhile, there are various leaks and rumors, one of which may have been anticipating a release date Exclusive Nintendo Switch And waited By activists.

Let’s talk about Shin Megami Tenzi Vs., The new chapter of the historical Atlas JRPPG Saga was announced at one of Nintendo Switch’s first presentation events, which to date has no release date. Now, according to some users’ findings, the game’s official website has been accidentally updated, showing the release date of the fifth episode.

If the information is officially confirmed, Shin Megami Tenzi V will land on the next Nintendo Switch November 11, 2021. Since this is the official Japanese website, the sudden release date marks the Eastern release period. In fact, we do not know what the Atlas release plans are, if the title is expected in the West on the same day.

Shin Megami Tensei5

There is no need to wait long to understand whether this possible bug of the Japanese site has already revealed the exact release date of Shin Megami Tenzai V. In fact, we remind you that it is new Nintendo Live Expected for the evening of June 15, during the E3 2021 period, we will receive a series of announcements regarding games coming soon on the Nintendo Switch.

Born from the rib cage of Shin Megami Tenzi, the Persona Saga has also received great acclaim in the West. You can buy a copy of Your Personality 5 Royal on Amazon This address.

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