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God of War 2 will be released when ready, Director – Nerd 4. Life

When it comes out God of War2? When it is ready. This is not just any passerby, Cory Barlock, The Director Of the game, it has recently been embedded on Twitter with requests for clarification on the release date of the highly anticipated topic. The reason is simple: as SIE Chairman Jim Ryan suggested, there is a strong suspicion that he will not make it within the current year.

Not bad, one would say that the most recent cases like Cyberpunk 2077 should have made it clear that postponing is better than starting incomplete games, but some fans still don’t seem at peace and want to know more.

In his tweet “It’s over”, Barlock pointed to one thing Recommendation It is not determined for the good of all, i.e. for evil, but for a better product. How to blame him?

Warning: Do not take this as a confirmation of procrastination, because it is not, but only as a way of saying that when games are ready, it is better to come out than before.

Also important is the presence of Jeffrey Lepowski in the tweet. It does not mean anything in particular, but Another It will always be fine wherever you put it.

For the rest, we remind you that God of War 2 is an exclusive PS5 title, followed by the highly acclaimed PS4 exclusive, recently updated for the new console.