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Preview: What's new on the Monster Hunter Rice page?

Preview: What’s new on the Monster Hunter Rice page?

All images used in this article are from video provided by Capcom.

There is no doubt that looking back on everything that has already been said or written in the many previews and articles published so far. Browsers of the demo already know that Monster Hunter Rise creates a connection between the portable episodes and the two parts of Monster Hunter World, which was a turning point that really took the series to another dimension. If land sessions were still considered as definitions for many more sessions, there would no longer be any question of interfering with travel loading times: in addition to the Philopterus Lassos, which significantly boosted the range of motions, the Part de Chase collection and mining sessions would immerse players at the heart of the matter without delay. All of this is bathed as a bonus in an Oriental atmosphere, which seeks to rekindle the Monster Hunter portable 3rd flame, one of the most popular episodes of the series in Japan. Add a bonus core mate with Felinus, you may have already planted the seeds for success.

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Monster Hunter Village

So, to avoid wasting precious time, here is a list of some of the information gathered from the preview. During this long distance queue (but without a controller), hunters could be seen roaming the village of Kamura from top to bottom, alone or with others, as there was no need to meet in a separate lobby here. His comrades. To switch online, all you have to do is address the ambassador Senri in the center of the village and vice versa when you leave your associates. A quick travel process is enough to get you from one position to another, whether it’s storing items from a Kago dealer, or cheating you and your cat companions / cats with new weapons and armor. As the quality of your search increases the stock of items grows and distribution searches are automatically checked remotely once the required number of items are reached. In addition to the quick journey, we also note the desire to clearly specify the practice of following players: the interface shows the search needed to progress in the story, or at least acts as a general thread, but the tasks to be accomplished for his current hunter rankings (still graduated in the stars). For those who like hiking for a faster ride, nothing stops them from using the flop to explore the village in every corner and every nook and cranny of it.

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As per the tradition in the series, we advise you to prepare a good meal before going on a trip. Japan needs atmosphere, this time it is necessary to align and combine several tangos in one stick, each candy offers a temporary bonus, which will mainly increase your life and endurance measurements. Many side effects are triggered with a greater or lesser probability, for example, to increase the number of points at the end of searches, to provide attack motivation when using certain emotions, to accelerate sharp speeds, to improve quantitative regenerative health, or to speed up balancing comrades. Speaking of Felines and Chumskis, a little dojo will allow you to strengthen your existing comrades and recruit new ones, while those on the reserve level will be taken on boat trips. Keep in mind that you can only bring one of the two familiar ones online, but they can both be a one-off loan to you, or act as a boost in the case of Chomsky.

According to previous episodes, Monster Hunter Rice will focus on training in a mini arena designed to test his favorite weapons. That is very good, given the number of movements that coincide with the arrival of Philoptera and the attacks associated with it. This training area will motivate you against a giant mechanical toad that you can customize. Many options are actually integrated to reproduce the basic behavior of real monsters, and the best path times and distances depending on the situation. Head position, orientation, active actions, hunter (s) target or number of remaining filters, there are many options to complement your mastery of one of the 14 available weapons.

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The presentation was interrupted by two hunts, one on a large iceberg facing the ghost of Kesu, the large electric sausage that had martyred many soldiers in the past. The second quest introduces the unseen creature Phishatan of this chapter, which features the urge to vomit on an enemy. In both, it was an opportunity to impress Capcom by inviting other giant monsters to the party (armor tetranadon, carnivorous giganha, Royal Lutroth) and remember that it is very possible to load creatures and smash them against a wall, or attack his allies, causing great damage to the key. Change a Priory money without plucking everything, even if two to three giant monsters come to grab your nose, as we can see in a Priory, playable demo. We will check all of this in the final version expected on March 26th.