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Des chercheurs de l’Académie des sciences chinoise estime l’impact du réchauffement climatique et des activités humaines sur le déplacement des pôles nord et sud — ici un paysage antarctique. © Goinyk, Adobe Stock

Global warming changes the axis of rotation of the earth

The axis of rotation of the earth is not fixed. This is manifested by a change in the position of the poles. A movement that has been followed by scientists for some time now. Today, anthropologists emphasize that global warming and even more widespread human activity have significantly accelerated this natural movement.

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The slope of the axis of Earth rotation Related Eclipse plane Not standard. Scientists are still trying to understand what are the events behind this variation. But the distribution of water on the surface of our planet seems to be an important factor. And today, Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Teach us that Source of Glaciers Adequate redistribution to accelerate the displacement of the North Pole due to current human global warming, thus shifting from south to east in the mid-1990s.

To this end, researchers calculated the total loss of water stored on land in the 1990s, relying on data from them. Melting glaciers And estimates of groundwater pumping. Also the loss of water from the polar regions is the main driver of polar slip. Whose slip Speed The average between 1995 and 2020 was 17 times higher than during the period 1981-1995.

The amazing impact of human activities on earth

Increasingly the ice is melting Global warming However, drift cannot explain everything. Although the researchers have not yet taken up their analysis, they believe that the remaining gap could be caused by disturbances in the polar regions. Due to, in particular, groundwater for agriculture cannot be sustained.

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According to analysts, the results show no extent Human activities Affecting our earth. The axis of its rotation goes to the extent of moving. Above all, without any real effect on our daily lives. The function, at most, could not be changed Period Nowadays only a few milliseconds.

The axis of rotation of the earth moves: find out why

The landscapes that are sold to us in trade are actually spherical and change in a constant pattern on their axis. But the truth is very different and the axis of rotation of the earth is moving. Scientists NASA Provide their explanations now.

Article Natalie Mayor Released on 09/28/2018

Our planet is not very spherical. The axis of its rotation – which connects the North Pole with the South Pole through the center of the Earth – oscillates and moves slightly. It goes up to 10 centimeters per year, i.e. only 10 meters during XXe Century. In NASA researchers (USA) wanted to read this event. Using observational data and powerful models, they identified three processes that could explain it.

Glacier regeneration, already charged by previous studies, is the best of them all. Glaciers sink to the surface of the earth (like when a person settles in a place Mattress). At the time Melting ice, It goes back a little bit. But, according to NASA researchers, more than a third of this phenomenon could not be explained Slips Cycle observed.

Natural causes and an anthropological cause

The The convection of the Earth’s mantle Intervene with third parties. Thus, under the effect Heat Provided by Earth Core, The rocks undergo a vertical rotation pattern. What is redistributing masses and disrupting the rotation of our planet.

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The last process involved is due to man. It’s really melting ice Greenland Because of this Global warming. Less than 7,500 gigatons would have actually been transferred to the oceans, responsible for this Sea level rise… and a slide on the axis of rotation of our planet.

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