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You can already download the next version of Apple OS

You can already download the next version of Apple OS

Apple is already making a public beta of iOS 14.6, while version 14.5 has not yet been released as a standard version. Additionally, you can enjoy beta on iPados 14.6, TVOS 14.6 and WatchOS 7.5 on compatible devices.

iOS 14.6 and iPados 14.6

In the general beta you can try iOS 14.6 and iPod 14.6 // Source: Frandroid

You can already test the new features of iOS 14.6, while the standard version of iOS 14.5 is not available – but it will not last long. A few days ago, Apple actually offered developers to discover the next version of its mobile OS before it became available to the public.

In addition to your iPhone, you can also enjoy the pleasures of iPods 14.6 on your Apple tablet. We were able to confirm this – you can see in the photo above). General betas for WatchOS 7.5 on smartwatches and TVOS 14.6 on TV sets are also available.

How to sign up for beta and download iOS 14.6

As a reminder, if you want to try the beta version of iOS 14.6, iPod 14.6 or another Apple system, you need to register your device in the beta program provided by Apple. To do this, You need to click on this linkEnter your Apple ID and follow the instructions. Be careful, by doing this, you expose yourself to potential errors and malfunctions.

In fact, a beta version produces a stable version and helps to accurately identify various concerns that may affect the user experience. Meanwhile, iOS 14.5 should be offered in a standard version this week, or today, Monday, April 26, 2021.