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Gianmaria unloads Sophie and may be abandoned

Gianmaria unloads Sophie and may be abandoned

All night on GF Vip 6: What happened after the episode? There are three events that are most interesting to the public. First concerns Lulu Selassié Not counted at all by the father-in-law, The Manuel’s father. Franco Portusso mentions more than one pillar in his son’s house, but pays little attention to the young Lulu. Eventually, Signorini asked his guest for a comment, and he limited himself to saying that if Manuel was happy they would be too. After the episode, Lulu talks about what happened, but he seems to be quiet, because when Manuel speaks in his confession to his father – phone calls in front of the rest or I go – Mr. Portuso he would have said. Was happy with Lulu.

Seeing Manuel’s father’s social movements was also motivated from the outside, but now Portusso seems to be quiet, perhaps even at home they have changed their minds. Meanwhile, an unexpected twist occurred, a real twist: Gianmaria Antinolfi closed with Sophie Kotkoni! Entrepreneurs said Sophie is tired of living in a stupor without understanding why she sometimes kisses him and sometimes shakes her head, so he talked to her after he pointed it out yesterday and poured it out. The reason? He seems to be tired of the little girl’s instability and thinks that if nothing has been done yet, nothing will be done.

From the words conveyed by PC, Gianmaria told Sophie that she did not want to go back and forth in the relationship. “Obviously you didn’t feel anything. It’s okay, but it’s enough because I saw it did not click.”, He added. Apparently he wanted to talk to her before the episode, he may have thought a bit but maybe Possible with the new triangle, or Passiano What prompted him to make this decision:

“I assure you it would be nice if we were friends and acquaintances like before. We tried, but it clicks or not. I think it’s calm and quiet, but there’s no point in insisting. We sleep together, hug, kiss, then kiss, understand your intentions I do not want to be puzzled. I want to be quiet, why did you not kiss me, why do you turn your face away, I can not sit still and think that you do not like me as much as I want to. For me it ends here, but I love you anyway.

GianMaria closed with Sophie on the GF Vip Because, he put himself first, he explained again. What he talked about shortly after he finished with Sophie was so bad Solail arises Proposes another ceasefire. He would have asked her to stay close so as not to hurt him anymore because they could trust each other. Are you sure, antinolfi? Meanwhile, this choice of entrepreneurs offers free control Alessandro Passiano And to the authors: With Sophie in danger, his favorite, GF, can form a new triangle with Soleil.

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Federica Calemme wants to leave GF Vip (because of Manila Nazaro?)

Meanwhile, another twist occurred: Federica Calemme wants to leave GF Vip. After three days in the house, little or nothing was found in it, not wanting to continue the game like that. After last night’s episode, Federica chose to change the bed to meet Natalie Caldonasso with Eva Grimaldi because the two have been friends for many years. Callimme changes Sophie’s room and chooses to sleep with her, and Manila seems to have made a mockery of her. Could the camel’s back be a broken drop?

If she’s not even structured in the episode, talk to Lulu and Valeria Marini as soon as Federica has the courage and let go of the spirit. She told them it was not made for the game GF VIP:

“I do not know if I can do this game. I’m honest, I do not think I can do it. I’m nervous now. In practice, a new competitor has arrived. She stayed with them as their friend.Manila was angry that Federica wanted to get out of here.Manila has been breaking my teeth since I arrived ..

Callim continued the story by saying that Manila, who was always doing housework in the house, was giving him orders. In short, she does not like to have all her actions x-rayed and judged to be wrong, which is why she is already tired of living together. Whether he can find space and balance in the House by changing company Federica Calemme will leave GF Vip? Hard to believe, if contract penalties are paid …

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