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The new WhatsApp function wants to make you feel more secure

The new WhatsApp function wants to make you feel more secure

WhatsApp continues to offer new functions that make Messenger better. At the moment, WhatsApp is planning a small feature, which means that Messenger offers a specific feature. This should make users feel more secure.

WhatsApp wants to point out more about security

WhatsApp Messenger has been providing one for a very long time End-to-end encryption For chats and video calls. This means it is not possible to enter the outside. WhatsApp wants more people to get to know and plan loudly WABetaInfo An indicator that shows more strongly When a chat or video call takes place in encrypted format.

In an earlier version of WhatsApp that was not yet publicly available, notes appeared in the call list and status area, indicating that the respective functions were fitted with end-to-end encryption. But it should Additional notes on end-to-end encryption Will be integrated in the messenger.

So far, you only get a hint about the encryption in WhatsApp when you start a new chat. Recently this title was used for meta (Previously Facebook) But more and more important and you want to point out even more strongly in WhatsApp Messenger Users can communicate securely.

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WhatsApp also encrypts backups

In fact, WhatsApp is now considered a relatively secure messenger. The largest security breach was recently closed. Backups stored in Google Drive or in the Apple Cloud are not encrypted. Users can now enable encryption for backups. But it does not happen automatically, so you need to take action. Here is how it works.

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