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WhatsApp competitor gets an amazing function: this is how messages are disguised

WhatsApp competitor gets an amazing function: this is how messages are disguised

WhatsApp should dress lovingly. The messenger’s direct competitor is given the function of hiding messages. Here we will tell you how the new Telegram feature works.

Telegram now has the potential to become WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. Although Messenger has a dubious reputation due to various groups, the developers behind it are ready to provide the processor with new functionality. Now WhatsApp competitors are creating an amazing feature that can completely hide messages.

How Twitter You can see that there should be some kind of “spoiler protection” in the telegram. Senders can set a message to disguise itself with animation. Only when the recipient presses the message will the audit be removed and the message below will be visible.

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Telegram: What does the new feature bring?

The new telegram function will be especially popular among large groups. If acquaintances or friends talk about a new movie or exciting series, you can hide the message. Only those who really want to see its content can press the message. However, it remains to be seen how the whole thing will disguise itself in the app announcements of the smartphone.

The new telegram feature is still under development. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If there is a release, we will let you know about it here.

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