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New issues for retailers

As of June 1, 2021, the new rules for eBay are in effect. Everything changes for resellers

Ebay rules change and take effect immediately (Getty Images)

Although Amazon To date E-Commerce Portal There are many realities that are very popular in the world, guarding the voice of millions of users every day. Not to mention EBay, The real founder of this field on the web and was able to update himself Over the years.

As already explained many times June 1, 2021 The New rules. These mainly affect retailers and completely upset the whole flow of actions with immediate changes. Six years later Partnership decision with PayPal, It can not be used in any way for a few days.

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Say goodbye to eBay PayPal: What changes here

Resellers can no longer use the PayPal payment method (Getty Images)

If you are a reseller EBay You used to PayPal, Know that June 1, 2021 The rules have changed completely. Access to direct debit becomes mandatory Personal bank accounts, Removal of limited fines or advertisements. This was explained by the BBC, according to which – at least for now – the new rule does not apply to buyers: the latter may continue Pay using PayPal.

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However, the complaints are not low Even by sellers. The commissions added to the active purchase and sale have now increased. Previously they were equal to 10%, now eBay balance 12.8% of the final amount. Money transfer takes two working days, while with PayPal it is only a few hours. There is no shortage of complaints from the community For the new ToS.

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