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Nintendo Player |  Blizzard Arcade Collection: New update available, which adds two more new games for free

Nintendo Player | Blizzard Arcade Collection: New update available, which adds two more new games for free

The Blizzard Arcade Collection Receives a brand new update Nintendo Switch, Which adds two new titles.

The new update is finally online 1.0.2 For that Blizzard Arcade Collection, who Discover our review, which adds two more titles for free to the list of those already available. Questionable games Lost Vikings2 e RPM Racing. However, it is not here Blizzard Has decided to add a gallery of documents related to the design of their games, which you can find inside the museum. Further Rock my roll racing The limited edition features new streamer mode and four-player local multiplayer. This new mode allows you to stream your game through MIDI versions of songs while preserving the sound.

The official announcement issued can be found below Blizzard:

It was nice to have three classic Blizzard games in one convenient set, but we thought we could do better. That’s why we add magnified shoulder straps to the Blizzard Arcade collection and add two more games to the lineup. Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing are included in the Blizzard Arcade Collection! But we will not stand there. With this latest link, we will be adding a few new features and quality of life updates to equalize the Blizzard Arcade collection.

The Lost Vikings sequel Lost Vikings 2 takes our three heroes Eric, Paleog and Olaf out of their home and revisits a new adventure. In the quest to return home together with two new allies, Wolf Fang and Dragon Scorch, to draw new abilities, our Viking heroes must overcome challenging puzzles that will give a new twist to the design of the original game.

Not a sequel, but a precursor, RPM Racing is a one-time capsule that will preserve the seeds that will eventually blossom in Rock N Roll Racing. The basics are all there: isometric perspective, multiple cars to choose from, the ability to make modular upgrades to your vehicle, career advancement storage features and vehicle clutter. Check out RPM Racing to see one of the first games produced by Blizzard.

The museum now has a gallery of design documents that will give you a fresh look at the development of our classic themes. Find out more about how these games translate from early games to finished products.

In the limited edition we have added the new streamer mode for Rock N Roll Racing and 4-player local multiplayer, which allows you to stream your game through the MIDI versions of the songs while keeping the rock sound of the game.

What do you think about adding these two new topics Blizzard Arcade Collection?

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