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Buy PS5: 1 & 1 in stock, but the offer is very limited

Buy PS5: 1 & 1 in stock, but the offer is very limited


You can buy Sony’s PS5 again for 1 & 1 with DSL contract. However, the offer is very limited.

You can buy the PlayStation 5 at 1 & 1.

  • If you book DSL charges with 1 & 1, you will get PS5.
  • This package also includes 12 month PlayStation Plus members.
  • Alternatively, you can get the PS5 with electricity charges from Yellow or Mobilcom-Depitel.

The Shopping horror around the PS5 Now you have to bother yourself. It is sold everywhere. Are currently PS5 But still with 1 & 1 with one year subscription B.S. And a DSL contract. The offer is very limited.

In 1 & 1 Secure PS5 with DSL charges

  • DSL100
  • Download up to 100 Mbit / s
  • Upload up to 40 Mbit / s
  • Telephone-flat
  • Handy flat (up to 3 SIM cards)
  • From 40 euros per month

As a precaution, even if the contract is sold out, double-check the link above, as the provider can provide filing.

You can also get consoles here

Other companies also offer the console with a contract, for example Mobilcom Depitel And Yellow.

If in principle you discontinue payment agreements with consoles, consider the following offers without agreement:

You can find out if the new Sony console is really ours to trust PlayStation 5 Review To read. We will show you Exclusive concept images for PS5 Pro. This may be the most powerful version of the PlayStation 5.

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