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The truth of tomorrow.  Durian is more and more alone, even Salvini unloads it.  Afghanistan, withdrawal date is August 31st

The truth of tomorrow. Durian is more and more alone, even Salvini unloads it. Afghanistan, withdrawal date is August 31st

“They’re Alone”. In the end, Salvini had to give up: after a meeting with Prime Minister Draco in Palazzo Sigi yesterday, the president of the association is kindly looking for a way to go along, despite reports that the topic has been manipulated. His deputy secretary-general, Mussolini’s brother, was embroiled in controversy over allegations that he called the Falcon e Porcelino Park in Latina. “Controversies about fascism are historic – Salvini commented at the CL meeting in Rimini that he will tell us about our Tomaso Rodano – and we’re not talking about Dugarigan on top of the track but the pension, the quota 100, the flat tax, the fire emergency … fascism and communism have been defeated by history and They are working on a number of issues, however, and we will quietly assess what would be most effective for him and the government. I hope so. ” Said firmly about narcissism. Thing. On top of that Done tomorrow, We will reconstruct the stories of all those who have already been expelled for apparent inconsistency, during the best government, except to try to understand how it will end.

The leaders close the plane for the Afghans and confirm the date with Vidra. Access to Kabul airport will now only be allowed to foreigners: “We asked the Americans not to encourage them to leave Afghanistan. We need their talent. “Half an hour before the start of the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Extraordinary Summit, the Taliban’s press conference in Kabul made clear their position on the crisis: the chaos must end and the Arab Emirate of Afghanistan begins its course abroad in the territory of the Taliban. Deadline For collection it must be by August 31st. In Panshir, sober words came: “We need dialogue, no more wars”. The firm rejection of the hypothesis of staying beyond August (aired above all by Boris Johnson) was followed by Joe Biden’s speech on the G7, in which he affirmed that he respects US agreements. The Pentagon has announced that 4,500 more people are waiting to be evacuated from the Afghan capital. This morning The Washington Post A secret meeting between CIA leaders and Taliban leader Bharata was reported exclusively. On top of that Done tomorrow Let’s see what are the geopolitical implications of the G7 summit. Meanwhile, today is the hearing day in the Parliament of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense. Luigi de Mayo declared that “all Italians who heard it” were expelled, but 32 comrades “did not want to return.” On the political front, the Italian right-wing stubborn line continues to be reaffirmed by Salvini at a meeting in Rimini today (“Do not talk to the Taliban”). Giuseppe Conte responded: “We must be realistic and protect the survivors. It is enough to have a Nobel in geopolitics.”

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Vaccines, Liability for Disease (Ownership). This has now become the question of the majority: Forsa Italia and Lega are really at odds over the possibility of introducing a mandatory anti-Govt vaccine. The Minister of Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, said that the courier did not consider it “a sectarianism” from the sides of Della Sera, while the coordinator and compulsory MEP, Antonio Tajani, said he was openly supportive. And Giovanni Totti, governor of Liguria and head of Campiamo, said, “I hope that between the duty of closing the country and vaccinating, the wise Italians will not choose anyone.” The openings, which Matteo Salvini does not like, oppose “any kind of duty, dump and discrimination.” In the midst of the controversy, there is the question of the school (within two weeks of its departure). During the day, the TAR agreed with the government and rejected it for “apparent unacceptability,” suspending teachers who had not been vaccinated on appeal by the unions against the August 6 order. On top of that Tomorrow’s newspaper Let’s see which way we go. Day numbers here. The Science and Technology Committee is expected to decide next Friday on the request to extend the green pass period by the Ministry of Health to 12 months. A system is being reviewed to resolve the issue of premature expiration of certificates for recoveries.

DAZN, Streaming Sunday every day. The television broadcast of the first day of the championship was characterized by controversy, this year largely handed over to the DAZN platform, the Italian championship and the streaming giant holding the rights to various European leagues. Last Saturday, many users protested about signal interruptions and inefficiencies in live broadcast during the Serie A debut competition Inter-Genoa, but today the streaming was drastically reduced: “Only a few minutes increased CDN (providers distributing content, VersionThe company also said at the start of the competition that the “impact of the problem” was not “numerically significant.” Tomorrow’s newspaper Let’s see if the question is really resolved, and we will draw the profile of Mr. DAZN and his Italian collaborators.

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