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Reopening Order: Download Slides Text - Chronicle

Reopening Order: Download Slides Text – Chronicle

Green Certificates

This order provides for the introduction of so-called “Green Cowit-19 Certificates” in the national region, which demonstrate the vaccine status against SARS-CoV-2 or speed up antigen testing with recovery from infection or a molecular or negative result.

Vaccination and recovery certificates are valid for six months, while those related to a negative test are valid for 48 hours. Certificates issued by EU member states are recognized as equivalent to those issued in a third country following an EU-approved vaccine.

Yellow areas
The Yellow Zones are again subject to them and the measures introduced by this Order.

From April 26, 2021, white and yellow areas will be allowed to travel between different regions. Also, those with a “green certificate” are allowed to travel between regions and autonomous provinces in orange or red areas.

From April 26 to June 15, 2021, in the Yellow Zone, four people in addition to those already living together in the target house will be allowed to move into a private home that will be occupied once a day from 5 to 22. Moving individuals can bring together minors who carry out parental responsibilities, as well as those with disabilities or those who are not self-sufficient.

The same movement, within the same hourly limits and number of people, is allowed in the Orange Zone within the same municipality. On the other hand, other private homes living in the Red Zone are not allowed to travel.

School and University
From April 26, 2020-2021 until the end of the school year, the provision of educational services for childhood, kindergarten, elementary school (primary school), secondary school is guaranteed throughout the first degree (middle school) across the country, and second degree (high schools, technical institutions, etc. ) 50 percent of high school students.

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In the red zone, face-to-face artificial activity is guaranteed up to a maximum of 75 percent of students, and the use of labs is always guaranteed to enable face-to-face operations if necessary or to maintain education. A relationship that builds relationships that effectively include students with disabilities and special education needs. In the yellow and orange zones, face-to-face activity is guaranteed up to 100 percent for at least 70 percent of students.

From April 26 to July 31 in the yellow and orange areas, the activities of the universities take place primarily in the presence. Recommended favorably in the presence of first year students especially in red areas.

Bars and restaurants
From April 26, 2021, in the Yellow Zone, the activities of catering services with table consumption are allowed only outside, for lunch and dinner, in accordance with the hourly limits for travel. Food and other accommodation facilities in hotels are allowed without time limits and are limited to its customers only.

The displays are open to the public
From April 26, 2021, in the Yellow Zone, theaters, concerts, cinemas, live-clubs and other venues or even outdoors, performances that are open to the public are held exclusively with pre-reserved seats and conditions. Is provided. The allowable capacity should not exceed 50 per cent of the maximum accreditation and the maximum number of spectators in any case should not exceed 1,000 for outdoor performances and 500 for indoor performances. Actions must be taken in accordance with current guidelines. When it is not possible to ensure compliance with these conditions, open displays to the public are suspended. In relation to the epidemiological trend and the characteristics of the sites, it is possible to recognize the presence of a large number of visitors outside, in accordance with the symptoms and guidelines of CTS.

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Competitions and sporting events
From 1 June 2021, in the Yellow Zone, the rules governing events apply to events and competitions at the competitive level and recognize the primary national interest with the arrangements of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONC) and the Italians. Paralympic Committee. (CIP), Individual and team sports organized by the respective national sports federations, affiliated sports departments, sports development organizations or international sports organizations. The allowable capacity should not exceed 25 percent of the maximum authorization, and in any case, the maximum number of visitors should not exceed 1,000 for outdoor installations and 500 for indoor installations. Authorization can also be given to hold sporting events of particular importance before June 1st. Actions must be taken in accordance with current guidelines. When it is not possible to ensure compliance with these conditions, sporting events and competitions take place without the public.

Team sports, swimming pools, gyms
From April 26, 2021, in the Yellow Zone, any sporting activities, including group and contact activities, are allowed outside, in accordance with the guidelines in force. Also, from 15 May 2021, always in the Yellow Zone, outdoor pool activities are allowed, and from June 1 the activities of gyms.

Exhibitions, Conferences and Conferences
From June 15 in the Yellow Zone, it is allowed to hold in the presence of exhibitions. From 1 July 2021, conferences and conferences. It is also allowed to carry out preparation activities that do not involve public attendance, even on an earlier date. Entry into the national territory to participate in the exhibitions mentioned in this paragraph is permitted on any occasion.

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Spas and Theme and Amusement Parks
Spas and activities of theme and amusement parks are allowed in the Yellow Zone from 1 July 2021.