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There are other games not yet announced to be coming on Xbox 2021 - Nert 4. Life

Gears of War Team helped develop 343 businesses – Nert 4. Life

Hollow is infinite This is a great project and 343 industries He needed a lot of support from other teams as well, as evidenced by some clues Alliance, Team D Gears of War, Xbox Series X | Participated in game development for S, Xbox One and PC.

The clue comes from some profiles Center Although the Developers Alliance is not part of 343 Industries and is a topic created within the Gears 5 team and others, Hollow is an alliance that refers to Infinity, thus Collaboration It has not been officially released.

The tweets from the Timur 222 account express this sense: in particular we see the curriculum of environmental artist Adam Botan, who is now involved in the electronic arts, inserting the hollow infinite into the projects he undertook in the alliance, some elements regarding the modeling model Views And various technical solutions.

The other curriculum is to replace VFX artist Hugo Guterres Moraes, who is one of the projects that Halo Infinite, especially when it comes to being part of an alliance cutcenes and countryside Sports.

Inside Xbox Games Studios Collaboration between Microsoft first-party teams is often seen, so this is not very surprising, but it is even more interesting to share these resources between specific teams in specific evidence such as The Collision and 343 Industries at the Redmond House.

On the other hand, in recent days it has emerged that the Alliance may have working groups on at least two projects, so it is clear that it can use its developers on different topics simultaneously if needed.

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