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Games for Pokemon Snap, Star Wars Republic Commando, April 2021 are here

Not sure what to play on your Nintendo Switch? Each month, the Fonandroid editorial team gives you a selection of the best games to be released on the portable console. There you will find a complete list of topics available in the coming days.

Credit: Nintendo

If Nintendo consoles do not have the power of its competitors, they benefitA personalized sports library This created the reputation of the company. Successful licenses have been incorporated into Japanese studios since the 1980s, with start-up capabilities Topics for generations to follow. Microsoft is not misunderstood there Xbox is trying to buy the company before it is released, Wants to combine development expertise with the power of its hardware.

But this is not the only Nintendo game to be released on the Switch, the latest addition to the Japanese team. Many independent studios use specific features of the console to offer gaming dynamics not found anywhere else. Each month, several topics appear in the Nintendo Store. Since navigating is not always easy, we provide you with a summary of the games available in the coming month.

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New Pokemon Snap

This is the big release for this April. Continuation of the first task Released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, The game takes its predecessor formula by photographing a Pokமொmon living in the wild. In your vehicle, you need to approach prudently to get the best portrait of its creatures. Those who are nostalgic at that time will be happy to discover new functions that have been implemented, while neophytes will come under the spell of the island of many surprises. Get the new Pokemon Snap April 30.

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Star Wars Republican Commando

We are nostalgic as soon as this game is released On the computer in 2005, So it benefits today from the switch port, but also on the PS4. The player represents the leader of an elite team of 4 players, each with very unique specifications. Title Between cinematography Opus 2 and 3, The galaxy enters a merciless war. Republican Commando is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed games by Saga fans, and an upcoming release The Obi-Wan Canopy series on Disney + The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this FPS from the 2000s. Planned release April 15.

Vishak control: Contaminated version

Under Vishak’s control, its art movement has its resemblance Person 5, You explore Bellas Hell, a land plagued by unknown evils. It is your duty to purify the wandering souls with the help of your faithful lateral soul mate. Very fun shooter with addictive storyline, which will be released Next April 13.

Full list of Nintendo Switch releases for April 2021

  • Mohur Kart 2: April 1st
  • A long way down: April 1st
  • Dungeon and Puzzles: April 1st
  • Railway Station Simulator: April 1st
  • Agalasia: April 1st
  • Stick Fighting: The Game: April 1st
  • Abby Farm for Kids and Babies: April 1st
  • What comes next: April 1st
  • Good night, good night: 2 Avril
  • Street Racing: Tokyo Rush: 2 Avril
  • CyberTaxi: 2 Avril
  • Layers upon layers (in layers): 6 Avril
  • Breathing: 6 Avril
  • Lost words: Beyond page: 6 Avril
  • What dub ?! : 8 Avril
  • Don’t give up: a cynical story: 8 Avril
  • Comfortable grove: 8 Avril
  • Super Fault 2: 8 Avril
  • Sakura in Camland: 8 Avril
  • Island: 8 Avril
  • Always sometimes monsters: 8 Avril
  • Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel IV: 9 Avril
  • House in Fota Morgana: 9 Avril
  • Gravity Heroes: 9 Avril
  • Luxlinger: 9 Avril
  • Say no! Further: 9 Avril
  • Knight Squad 2: 9 Avril
  • ReactorX: 14 Avril
  • Canon Prowl: 14 Avril
  • Rain in your parade: 15 Avril
  • Dragon Audit: 15 Avril
  • Pokயmon Party: 15 Avril
  • Saga Border Restoration: 15 Avril
  • Codestrike: 15 Avril
  • Country: Pocket Planet Edition: 15 Avril
  • Battle ax: 16 Avril
  • Stealth War – Assassin: 22 Avril
  • Skyland Rush – Airstrikes: 22 Avril
  • Smelter: 22 Avril
  • பமேரங்: 22 Avril
  • Taiwan Monster Fruit: 28 Avril
  • Rejected paradise: 29 Avril
  • Regnum Seri Dreamland: 29 Avril
  • Flower: avril 2021
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