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Metroid Prime 4 NintendOn

For Android Prime 4, Nintendo announces that it has forgotten what it already started and is starting a new development

Bitter announcement to fans

Lack Updates It’s about a new episode of Nintendo’s longtime fan favorite Sauce, now long enough to push the company Kyoto To issue a statement in this regard.

Shinya Takahashi He then spoke in a video that appeared today Web light, Now the same format, same content as the remote 25 January 2019 release. So Nintendo has not forgotten everything Metro Prime4, Like all fans Samus On the other hand, they are afraid, however, that he has already forgotten that growth has resumed Retro Studios.

In this regard, due to a lack of motivation and confidence in the fan base, Retro Studios quickly delivered A news release In this he ensures that the software house is in good health and the development of Android Prime 4 is progressing steadily.

In the same press release, US Studio gets the opportunity to announce job openings for the latest job openings still on the development team dedicated to Android Prime 4. In this case, Retro Studios is looking for: Boss / AI Designer, Lead Animator, Senior Animator, Animator, Lead Lighting Artist, Senior Lighting Artist, Lighting Artist, Concept Artist, Technical Lead Engineer, Senior Engineers, Engineers, Audio Designer, Audio Creator, Audio Lead Director of Programming, Character Designer, Character Programming, Field Modeling, Cut Scene Supervisor, VFX Art Lead, VFX Artist, Level Designer, Game Series Programmer, Game Equipment Developer, Logo Artist, Business Supervisor, Voice Casting, Project Director, Senior Network Developer, Breast Model Artist, Ikea furniture assembler, Coffee Machine Technician.

Finally, Retro Studios is looking for a web assistant to set up an email box to assign job requests.

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