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eSMART 2.0

Game exposed: McDonald’s trained employees via Nintendo DS

Behind the counter of the fast food chain McDonald’s it can be busy at times. Staff should fry burgers, pour milkshakes, deep-fry French fries, take care of the drive-in counter, serve to hungry guests and smile as friendly as possible. A multitasking job that cannot be done without training. Until a few years ago, McDonald’s used a strange tool to adequately prepare its staff to work with clients: a video game!

Like the website The forest of illusion Operators have reportedly succeeded in finding a rare module for the Nintendo DS. It contains a program with the unnamed name “eSMART 2.0”. Sounds boring, but McDonald hides a game he used in Japan for a while to get his staff used to everyday life at Burger Joint. In it you will learn in a playful way the processes in the kitchen and cash register, for example, how to properly turn burgers, deep fry apple pockets or keep the restaurant’s health facilities in good order. .

The game is available for download

In addition to the graphically made game elements, there are all kinds of video clips in use that demonstrate the knowledge learned in the actual application. Not a bad way to learn about a new job. After all, it’s much better than being useless on the first day and being bullied by the boss and co-workers. The Forest of Illusion website, which specializes in archiving the history of Nintendo games, downloads “eSMART 2.0” for free.

There are rare game operators who have long been believed to be lost With the help of a collector Who paid the equivalent of 2,300 euros in the online auction. It is best to determine for yourself if the investment is worthwhile. A gamble video you can see above this message provides a forecast of the game.