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Nintendo Switch warns servers to slow down at Christmas

Nintendo has issued a warning on social media. The company expects the availability of its servers to decline over the Christmas weekend. Users are asked to create their account upstream to play in the next few days after December 24th. Disruptions to the Switch online service are also expected.

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For months now, we have expected that there will not be many next-gen consoles under the tree. Again this morning, we make a sad statement in our columns. Not everyone will have enough consoles due to scarcity. The PlayStation 5 There is concern, of course. The Xbox Series X. Further. But the Replace the OLED, The latest Nintendo product, we have been testing for a long time for its release.

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However, France is definitely not the best when it comes to some consoles. It is almost obvious that Nintendo is in favor of other markets. The inventory of OLED switches is logically higher in the United States and especially in Japan. Considering the rarity of some consoles from Sony and Microsoft, The Change the classic And this Change the light You can get good benefit from it.

Preparing for overloads on Nintendo Switch servers

Nintendo is getting ready for it. Because the Japanese company has posted on social websites A warning message For its new users. In this message, she hopes to be Higher loads on servers connected to the switch. Especially dedicated to the management of Nintendo Identifiers. They will first welcome new players who need to create their own login to access all online services.

Nintendo surcharge Server Switch Noel 2021

Nintendo advises all players who want to create a Nintendo account Do not wait until the last minute Do it, rather do it now. From the weekend of December 24th, it will be difficult to finalize a secure Nintendo account. Late arrivals will have to wait until the traffic peak to make full use of their new console. Of course, planning to create an account can be difficult for anyone who does not yet know if the switch will be available at Christmas …

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Should also be affected by server overload All other switch online services. We’m definitely thinking about the Nintendo Switch online service (as well as all the multiplayer game servers), but we are also thinking about the Nintendo eShop Store which allows you to download games and demos. In other words, plan to play offline for a few days.