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Future plans: Nintendo Talk Xbox Game Pass & Switch Pro

Future plans: Nintendo Talk Xbox Game Pass & Switch Pro

After years of problems, Nintendo is flying to new heights from the switch console. But how can you continue to drive the wave of success? The call for Switch Pro and the availability of offers like Xbox Game Pass are getting louder among the fans. But it is bad.

Anyone waiting for outdoor game subscriptions will be disappointed

Thanks to the switch, 2020 was another very successful year for Nintendo – with sales of 735,000 consoles in October alone, the company was able to attract 136 percent compared to the previous year, with November shining with similar numbers. This development is one of the reasons why Nintendo has not been forced to take drastic steps in new directions with the switch console business. It is in a conversation Polygon In many places with American boss Doug Bowser.

Pacer interviewers are trying to provide a report on the launch of gaming subscriptions such as the Xbox Game Pass. The Nintendo Manager will inevitably only respond and refer to Nintendo Online’s own online offers. The manager makes it clear that they are currently reluctant to move away from the traditional business of selling personal titles. Bowser avoids offering such an opportunity to a third party to change in the future, even after a series of investigations. After this reaction, there will be no movement for the time being.

Become very successful for an heir

There is a similar discussion in the community about hardware upgrades for Switch Pro. But even here, the American boss has a clear ban on the rumor mill. “The speed of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is still strong in their fourth year. And we believe the regular console life cycle has changed.” In a nutshell: The success of the current hardware makes sliding upgrade plans backwards. “For now, with the speed we have, our focus will be on the existing form factors,” Bowser said.

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