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Legend of Heroes: Tracks of Gold Steel IV Sur Switch!

Legend of Heroes: Tracks of Gold Steel IV Sur Switch!

In June 2020, Switch fans were able to enter the series Tracks Via Saga’s Third Opus Cold steel tracks. We have provided you with our complete test Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel III At the beginning of last year This article. The game left us in a cliffhanger by offering an appointment at the next Opus to have the end of this fellow’s exciting and long history. Cold steel Failed to make the final decision of the series Tracks. The 2021 wave was announced in Switzerland before it was confirmed in Japan on March 18 this year, and the West was still in the dark. NIS USA Let there be no doubt today Twitter By announcing the western release for April 9, 2021 with the English trailer. Hope seems to be leaning towards the French translation of this version of the 4th Opus, which was only released in English on PS4 in the West last year. Take a look at what the news has in store for us in the weeks leading up to the Western release of the game in Switzerland. We leave you the tweet below with some information about the trailer and this fourth Opus.

Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel IV

The Arabian Empire is on the brink of war! The story of Trails of Gold Steel IV takes place after the third installment. Our Class VII heroes see themselves alone in the face of the empire, in an attempt to prevent its rise to total domination. Ryan Schwartz, a seventh-grade teacher and civil war veteran from Yereponia, has suddenly disappeared. It is the duty of eighth grade students, old and new, to reunite with heroes from across the continent. They reflect the last hope of this world and save it from total destruction.

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Ultimate Glass Reunion: This final chapter contains more characters available on the trails of the Gold Steel saga. Heroes from all over the continent seek to join the fight! Seventh Class Heroes unite with Crossbell’s Special Support Unit and Liber’s Heroes.
More Refined War: New and Old War Dynamics The Legend of Heroes enriches the specific warfare system of ownership. Discover abilities such as summoning giant robots on the battlefield to make devastating attacks, auto combat to experience fast battles, or use the most powerful Orbal magic Lost Arts. , Capable of changing the waves of a war.
Bored in battle? In between epic battles, relax yourself for a moment with several mini-games, including retrieving some fan preferences such as vantage master, fishing or puzzle games. New ones like poker, blackjack and horror coaster are entering.