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From Windows 11: Microsoft wants to make switching to Chrome, Firefox and Govt more difficult

From Windows 11: Microsoft wants to make switching to Chrome, Firefox and Govt more difficult

Windows 11: Browser must be selected separately for each file type

But what is the content of this review? First, after installing Windows 11, when you open the Internet connection, the usual menu will appear, just like Windows 10. Here the user can select his preferred default browser or leave it with the default Microsoft Edge browser. Problem: Obviously this is the only time to change browsers. If the user does not click “Always use this app” for Firefox, Chrome and Go, then the default can only be fixed via a detour.

As a result, Microsoft no longer compiles settings by software, but by file type. As a tweet shows, the user is given a long list of page formats such as HTML, PDF, HTTP and many more. Here you have to individually select which browser you want to use for which file type to use the desired software for all connection types.

Suspicious in Firefox, Chrome and Go

Competitors like Mozilla, Opera and Vivaldi are skeptical. “We’re more concerned about the trend of Windows,” explains Celine Deckelman, for example, to “The Verge”, a senior vice president at Firefox. According to him, Windows 10 users do not have to take the necessary steps to set up and maintain their browser settings. These restrictions are confusing.

By the way, you can get the first look at Windows 11 with the “Insider Preview” version. The related download can be found under this text.

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