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FRITZ! OS 7.24-85135 Lab is available for FRITZ! Box 7590 -

FRITZ! OS 7.24-86172 Lab is available for FRITZ! Box 7590 –

FRITZ! With the update for OS 7.24-86172, AVM today FRITZ! Also released new lab firmware for Box 7590. Fritz! The new Laboratory Edition for Box 7590 contains only bug fixes and improvements in the fields of telephone, internet, WLAN, mobile communications and computer, which can be found below. FRITZ! Update FRITZ for OS 7.24-86172! Download and test the update for Box 7590 now. Users of Laboratory Edition get the latest update FRITZ! Box can be downloaded via the user interface. FRITZ! Open the box -> Enter the in the browser and sign in -> Click on Helpers -> Update -> Start the update by clicking New FRITZ! Search for OS New FRITZ! Follow the instructions to get the OS. If the update does not work, FRITZ! FRITZ using the OS file! There is an alternative way to update the box. More information about this update can be found below or at Supermarket.

Download -> Download FRITZ! OS 7.24-86172 FRITZ! Box 7590

The new firmware is available for download from the following AVM website:

  • FRITZ! FRITZ OS 7.24-86172! Download to Box 7590
    Attention: This laboratory firmware is only suitable for FRITZ! Box 7590!
    Website ->

FRITZ! FRITZ from OS 7.24-86172! Further improvements from Box 7590

Phone ->

  • Fixed – Phone number for incoming calls will not be updated when editing IP phones.
  • Fixed – Provider 1 & 1’s phone numbers can no longer be registered after editing via “Other Provider”.
  • OK – No registration due to missing 2nd PDN when creating phone numbers for “Vodafone at home” (6850 only).
  • OK – When syncing entries in Online Phone Books (CardDAV), all email addresses were deleted in a few stars.
  • Fix – No voice transfer via Chipkat Satellite and Chipkat browser.
  • OK – The provider did not register phone numbers with the phone profile for Vodafone Italia.
  • Fixed – Editing door intercoms sometimes led to loss of email notification for door intercoms.
  • OK – Another FRITZ with responsive machine settings that include saved messages! After importing in boxed mode, some of the imported messages can no longer be played.
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Internet ->

  • Fixed – The IP address of the PDN gateway is no longer displayed (6890 only).
  • OK – When creating a port output, an incorrect reference to an already assigned port was displayed.
  • OK – Preference for these devices is not supported Guest devices may choose to be preferred.
  • OK – FRITZ! For NAS web shares, if no DynDNS service is configured, the IPv6 address will be displayed instead of the IPv4 address on the Duelstock connections (IPv4 & IPv6).
  • Fixed – Device preference for devices with a fixed IP address or FRITZ! The box does not work to bypass DHCP server.
  • OK – The input field for setting up MTU manually was too small.


  • Improvement – Increased stability
  • Fixed – Disables DSL information operating system “Internet access via existing Internet connection via WLAN”.

Cellular ->

  • Improvement – Optimal option for replacement boot of mobile radio sticks.

System ->

  • Improvement – Now when switching to output the error message now directly indicates the incorrect password for the backup file.
  • Toggle – The last user to log in to the user interface from the home network is now saved in the browser and pre-selected the next time they log in.

FRITZ! Notes on Lab Update for Box

These Fritz! The lab version is in beta. It was tested in a standard environment before it was released, but it may crash. AVM assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this version. With the help of recovery.exe included in this lab kit you can FRITZ anytime! Box Official FRITZ! Can be changed to OS.

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