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FRITZ!  OS 7.24-85135 Lab is available for FRITZ!  Box 7590 -

FRITZ! Lab for OS 7.24-86449 FRITZ Available! Box 7590 –

Fritz! Fritz for OS 7.24-85449! AVM has also released new laboratory firmware for the Box 7590. The update only includes bug fixes and improvements to the Internet, WiFi, mesh, home network and cellular communications, which are found below. FRITZ! Update for OS 7.24-86449 FRITZ! The update for Box 7590 can now be downloaded from AVM. Users update of lab version FRITZ! Can be downloaded via the box. To do this, FRITZ! Open the box – Enter the in the browser and sign in -> Click on Helpers -> Update -> Start the update by clicking New FRITZ! Search for OS New FRITZ! Follow the instructions to get the OS. If the update does not work, FRITZ! FRITZ using the OS file! There is an alternative way to update the box. More information about this update can be found below or at AVM.

Download -> Download FRITZ! OS 7.24-86449 FRITZ! Box 7590

The new firmware is available for download from the following AVM website:

  • Fritz! Fritz for the Box 7590! Download OS 7.24-86449
    Attention: This laboratory firmware is only suitable for FRITZ! Box 7590!
    Website ->

FRITZ! FRITZ from OS 7.24-86449! Further improvements from Box 7590

Mesh ->

  • Development – A Fritz as a Mesh Repeater! Advanced information on the adoption of active systems for the box.
  • Fixed – If you use the “Fritz! Box Mesh Repeater” setting, the settings for the WLAN timer cannot be changed under certain circumstances.
  • OK – a FRITZ set to Mesh Master! With the box, but not the router (DHCP server), the router name and IP address could not be changed.
  • Fixed – FRITZ! Separately assigned unnamed powerline adapters were shown in the mesh view without name and IP address.
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Internet ->

  • Fixed – Update links for FTP access Fixed.
  • OK – Myfrits! The internet access display was too short.
  • Fixed – Parental control: Unable to assign home network device to another access profile.
  • OK – After the initial setup, the “Do not update” setting is set to default.
  • OK – Unable to reset online counter.
  • OK – In some cases, VPN connections are only possible after the VPN configuration file has been imported and restarted.


  • Improvement – Improved the behavior of the WLAN auto channel function for radar detection.
  • Improvement – Improved stability when using WLAN devices with realtech chipsets.
  • Fixed – On the “WLAN / Mesh Repeater” page, inappropriate neighboring wireless networks (including those with a hidden SSID) were provided for selection.

Home Network ->

  • OK – Changes to device specifications are rejected if the mesh master is not a DHCP server.
  • Fixed – Unnecessary error message about fixed IP will be removed when saving device details.

Cellular ->

  • Improvement – Extensive updates for extended failure protection.

FRITZ! Notes on Lab Update for Box

These Fritz! The lab version is in beta. It was tested in a standard environment before it was released, but it may crash. AVM assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this version. With the help of recovery.exe included in this lab kit you can FRITZ anytime! Box Official FRITZ! Can be changed to OS.

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