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FPS Boost may be defined by some developers -

FPS Boost may be defined by some developers –

The Xbox Series X | S backward compatibility One of the great strengths of the Microsoft offer is that it proposed a new feature yesterday, February 17, 2021: FPS Boost. In short, it allows you to double or quadruple frames per second on selected topics. For now, it’s just five, but more are coming soon. However, the application of FPS Boost is not easy Some developers may voluntarily control their application.

Jason Ronald Talks to Gold Eastwood YouTube Channel – Xbox Program Managing Director – Xbox Series X | S explained that FPS can be used for boost games Only with the consent of the developers Also, in some cases (no examples given), the latter is not provided Art things: A certain frame rate is sometimes chosen to emphasize the artistic side of the game and changing it will damage the work.

Of course, there are too Technical issues That transition from game to game. Sometimes specific animations run at twice the speed, however the rest of the game supports FPS Boost without any problems. At other times “the game engine starts to run fast enough to break the game”.

As for “how”, the Xbox Series X | Ronald explains that the S team felt it with older games CPU and GPU paused At some point he finished his tasks much faster than he expected. The team found a way to use that remaining power to increase the frame rate of games.

Ronald later explained it More games will come every two weeks for the next two months. It is obvious that there will be updates in the long run. You can also find a video analysis of Digital Foundry dedicated to FBS Boost.

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