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Free use instead of 5 euros: A practical application is only offered for a few days

Free use instead of 5 euros: A practical application is only offered for a few days


Free use instead of 5 euros: A practical application is only offered for a few days

You can now download an app for free and learn Spanish.

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05.05.2021 – 09:22

You can only download an app for free for a short time, otherwise it will cost 4.99 euros. The application can do that.

If you have been thinking about learning or brushing off a new language during epidemics and have not come around to it, you can change it now. Because you can currently get one Use for free To help you learn Spanish. The application usually costs 4.99 euros. It will only be offered for a few days. You need to know about the app.

This application is now free

“Remember: Learn Spanish Words With Flash Cards” is the name of the app that can now be downloaded for free on your Android mobile phone. This will help you expand your Spanish vocabulary. More than 8,600 words can be found there. According to those in charge of the application, the focus will be on techniques that help memorize the vocabulary. Concrete Called Application In interpretation among others:

  • There are Spanish flash cards selected by experts
  • Can help both tourists and traders
  • Provides all language levels: from complete beginners to advanced learners
  • Numbers, Colors, Transportation, Travel, Nature, Family, Economy, Emergency and Cooperation.
  • Protects audio files, so you can practice pronunciation as well
  • Many more

Note that there is no German version of the application (yet). This means Spanish vocabulary is learned using English vocabulary. So if you do not know English, it is questionable for you. If you speak English, this will give you the opportunity to brush in at least two languages.

The application is not yet well known. “Remember: Learn Spanish Words With Flash Cards” has about 5,000 downloads. 35 users gave it an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Extra tips and tricks for everything to do with mobile phones

If you want to try the app for free, you can take the opportunity now: The application will be submitted until May 8, 2021. But you can also learn languages ​​with these apps. If the apps are too boring, you can also access streaming services. Learn languages ​​with Netflix, for example, by installing a browser plug-in. You can also watch the Netflix series to learn English. Some perform particularly well.

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