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Competition – We offer 1x new Pokemon Snap + sticker for Nintendo Switch

Brave photographers can now explore the beautiful islands of the Lentil region. With the new Pokemon Snapdragon available for Nintendo Switch family consoles, players will be able to unravel the mystery of the Lumina event. As emerging Pokemon photographers, players from the Lentil region support regional expert Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita on a research project. Your job is to take photos of Pokemon in the woods. Credible Neo-One takes players from island to island, where they can find wild Pokமொmon in their natural environment.

While exploring, players can take multiple photos and then show them to Professor Mirror to increase their research level in each way. During the research program, soldiers will visit numerous islands in the Lentil region. Professor Mirror evaluates players’ photographic ability while exploring the confusing Lumina phenomenon and creating their own Pokemon Phototex. Each photo receives a rating of one to four stars, depending on the rarity of the behavior of a Pokemon. The total number of points for a photo is based on Pokemon’s pose, its size, the direction the camera faces, and its position in the image. The score is reflected in the color of the stars. With higher scores, the stars are of a rare color. Players should try to capture as many interesting Pokமொmon behaviors as possible in the photos.

© 2021 Nintendo / Release Date: April 30, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch

What is there to win?

We bring you the latest version of Pokemon Snapdragon with Nintendo.

  1. Winner: New Pokemon Snap and Stickerset
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What should I do for the new Pokemon Snap?

1.) You are following us Instagram And / or Twitter.

2.) Answer the following question in the comments (below this post): Which Pokmon do you want to see in front of your lens?

Conditions of participation

For all the information on how to participate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram please Here Click. In the case of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) you can find all the data security information for the use, integration and collection of data Cookies and data protection.

The winner will receive a prize via email. Therefore, the specified email address must be available until the draw, otherwise the winner will not be notified. The prize automatically expires if the winner does not contact the editorial board within 14 days of the prize being announced. This time begins immediately by notifying the winners by email. Participation in this competition is possible from the age of 14. Profit distribution from 14 years. Authors of the NAT editorial board (NAT games, NAT movies, up to Delhi …, Control Heroes, etc.) and their first-rate relatives are excluded from the raffle. Winners will be notified by email. As soon as the participation period is over, the draw begins in the last one month of the competition. Equilibrium is done by a random generator. Deadline for entries 10. May 2021. All information is provided without warranty. Subject to change. Images may differ from the original. The decision of the judges is final. The gift cannot be paid in cash. All email addresses and sent information will be permanently deleted after the draw.

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Congratulations to all the participants.

Many thanks to Nintendo Germany for the gifts.