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Dell computer with tight security breaks - Berliner Morganpost

Dell computer with tight security breaks – Berliner Morganpost

Holy Driver

Dell computers with serious security vulnerabilities

There is a vulnerable driver on countless Dell computers. Users should remove this.

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Vulnerable driver is installed on countless Dell Windows systems. It has to go.

Berlin. Attention Dell users: Numerous desktops, laptops and tablets from the US manufacturer have a driver for firmware updates that have five serious vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-21551).

In this way, attackers as local users can extend their rights, for example to take control of the system,
Warns Sentinel One, an IT security company, discovered the problem. However, there is currently no evidence that cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in infected devices. Nevertheless, one should not wait until suspicion arises.

Long lists of affected specimens

With hundreds of models affected since 2009, users can first search through two lists compiled by Dell for their device, which are found below.
Page With problem description and solution from the manufacturer. Pressing “Ctrl + F” to search the page specifically for the sample name and number makes it faster.

If you can find your own model there, using one provided by the manufacturer is an easy immediate step
Tool Download and run it, which will remove the unsafe driver called dbutil_2_3.sys.

Effective update guide

Otherwise, the victims may remove the tels as well
Support-Help-Software Do it. According to the manufacturer, this update guide will not be ready for action until May 10.

The installation and use of the update wizard is recommended for all those who have already removed the insecure driver with the tool mentioned above. This program provides a new, secure driver for firmware updates without the risk of accidentally reinstalling an insecure driver.

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