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The Lost of S remake not only improves the clarity and frame rate for a report - Nert 4.Life

The Lost of S remake not only improves the clarity and frame rate for a report – Nert 4.Life

Not long ago, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier revealed to the world that The Lost of S remake was in the works at PlayStation Studios. Apparently this was not official information, but the public believed Schreier’s words. Now, these include a New report The game comes from the reactor, it confirms The Lost of S remake It does not improve clarity and frame rate.

In particular, in the statement we read the following words: “It would have been so much fun to see the reaction of the whole world during the surprise announcement of this project, and I would say that Schreier’s report on what’s happening on the PlayStation Studio is somewhat ruined, because it’s going to be a project in The Lost of S remastered style. Some think.We do not want to raise expectations too high, but it will not be a simple improvement in resolution, frame rate and layout. Uses the power of the PS5 It will also use the graphics engine from The Last of S Part 2. Not just in terms of graphics, but other things as well. ”

The last of us remake Cole Motor de the Lost of S Part II?

The interesting part is the final stage, which suggests that the game might get some Changes beyond “simple” graphics. One possibility is that some of the dynamics of the second chapter are introduced in the first chapter. On the other hand, it seems very difficult to see big changes in terms of level design for the whole game because it would require a production effort that goes beyond the scope of a remake.

The Lost of S remake may not be at the top of the players’ wishlists, but Schreier explains why this is a perfect idea.