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Free PC Games, epic game store gifted new game today

Free PC Games, epic game store gifted new game today

It’s like Thursday and every week Epic Games Store offers a new free game for PC. You can add a new video game to your library free of charge from 17:00 pm today (Italian time).

Last week Epic game shop in the well ha regalato creature When Stories of the neon ocean today, Available until April 8th. This is not really a well-known title, but that does not mean it should not be considered: Tales of the Neon Sea is a 2D detective adventure in pixel art, which must be discovered, thanks to the very compelling puzzle system and dense story that is sure to win lovers of the genre.

you can scicare gratis Neon Sea Da Epic Game Store Stories Today from 17:00, You have only one time to retrieve the creatures in the well, keep in mind that all the free games provided by Epic will always be yours once included in the library, and you can use them without time or content limitations as they were actually purchased.

Nothing has stopped it from happening in the past Epic can add a second free game to the weekly lineup, Maybe as an Easter bonus.

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