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Windows 11 (build 22000.120) : Quoi De Neuf Et Comment

What’s new and how to download it

After a week’s break, we already have the new version of Windows 11. In this case, version 22000.120 reaches both Dev and beta channels, which predicts that they will share versions until Microsoft decides to move. Dev Nickel Canal (22400) When this happens, the only way to get back to Windows 11 is to do a clean install, so we recommend you do it soon!

Changes and improvements to version 22000.120

  • Added a new Family Widget, which is available in all Windows languages ​​and regions. This allows you to view the latest activity for your family members from your Microsoft account.
    Windows 11 Family Widget
  • The display of notification numbers starts with the chat icon (groups) in the taskbar.
  • Adjustments have been made to improve the appearance of the “Close” button in the application preview of the taskbar.
  • When you change the wallpapers of different desktops, using “Choose Background” in the work view will force the Settings app to move to your existing desktop, even if the settings are already open.
  • The “Identify” button in the display settings is moved and located below the option to easily detect your monitors.
  • File Explorer context menus have been greatly improved when using the keyboard and mouse.
  • The “New” button in the File Explorer command bar has been updated to use the drop-down menu with all the options in a list.
  • They adjusted to improve space usage and small size with ALT + Tab, Task View and Snap Assist.
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