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Free PC Games Available at Epic Games Store, February 4, 2021 - Live 4.Life

Free PC Games Available at Epic Games Store, February 4, 2021 – Live 4.Life

I Free games For the PC of the weekEpic Sports Shop I To the king, As previously announced, and Metro: The last light Redux. They can be retrieved from February 4, 2021 to February 11, 2021 at 4:59 p.m.

According to tradition, the game was announced as a gift next week for Epic Games digital delivery, viz Holcion6, Available from Thursday, February 11, 2021.

All stylized thanks to the use of somewhat “naked” polygons, starting with the accepted specific graphic style, for the King is a game characterized by a strong identity that is reflected in its structure, derived from a hybrid between the elements Classic method based strategy and RPG fixed with roguelike-style additions.

Go on This address Recover for the king for free from the epic game store.

Enables on Single or cooperative multiplayerIn the game, we explore the various systems in the Kingdom of Bahrul with the usual layout of the Seaboard map, and explore the forces in the field, the moves that need to be made to defeat enemies and achieve different goals from time to time. Time. Exploration, discovery, victory and war are therefore the basic ingredients of this adventure, always controlled by carefully planning the moves.

Metro: Lost Light Redux is an updated and expanded version of the 4A games of the second episode of the Metro series First person shooter With elements Survival and RPG Characterized by the post-apocalyptic future system of major impact.

Go on This address Redeem Metro: The Last Light Redux for free from the epic game store.

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Year 2034. In the mines of the metro, under the apocalyptic ruins of Moscow, survivors are besieged by deadly threats inside and out. The mutants lurk in the catacombs below the catastrophic surface and hunt down victims in the polluted sky.

But rather than sticking together, metro station-cities are fighting for supreme power: a devastating device from military bunkers called D6. A civil war that can wipe humanity out of the face of the earth forever. Artemis, burdened with guilt, but driven by hope, you hold our hand: the last light of hope in the dark …

Holcion 6, on the other hand, is a hybrid strategy game created with massive damage to a sci-fi system with elements of a tactical RPG, which is definitely an eye-catching topic.

Free games for PC are available on Epic Games Store, February 4, 2021