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How To Import Your WhatsApp Conversation History In Telegram

How To Import Your WhatsApp Conversation History In Telegram

Since WhatsApp decided to impose new conditions for its use, Facebook-owned instant messaging users have largely migrated to alternative solutions such as Olvid, Signal or Telegram.

Also, since they are all updating and introducing new features to try to win over new users, Telegram’s latest update should be enough to convince the last few users to still be reluctant to switch.

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Telegram really introduces a new feature that allows you to simply import your WhatsApp conversation history. You can now convert all the chats (and their content) you had on WhatsApp to Telegram in a few moments. Find out how to do it.

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Download Telegraph for iPhone (Free)

1. Export your conversations on WhatsApp

On the tab, start by opening WhatsApp on your iPhone Discussions, Select the dialog and slide your finger to the left.

Then press Options, Then in the menu that appears, selectExport discussion Indicate whether you like it or not, Contact the media Or you want to export it Without media.

2. Import the conversation into the telegram

Export time may be longer or shorter depending on the size of the dialog and the number of media files in it. When the export is ready, the iOS stock sheet will appear.

Then press Telegraph In the list of proposed applications (if the telegram does not appear, go to the end of the line and press Plus to change the applications that need to be displayed on the iOS share sheet).
In the window that appears, select the telegram dialog in which you want to import the messages and verify by pressing Import Start importing WhatsApp chat on Telegram.

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When the import is complete, open the corresponding telegram dialog. There you will find all the imported WhatsApp messages. These are marked by ” Imported Each will be displayed at the bottom of each message.

3. Repeat the process

Not all conversations you have can be imported into WhatsApp at once. To find all your WhatsApp chats on Telegram, you need to start the import process again for each one.

Some conversations, especially group conversations, are particularly large, especially if you decide to add media files, and export time from WhatsApp can take several minutes.