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Free for Android & iOS: These 43 Pro versions are currently free

Free for Android & iOS: These 43 Pro versions are currently free

We’re just starting the weekend with a brief reunion of free premium apps and games for Android and iOS. Better to be quick, because many processors will have to pay back very quickly!

Twice a week Next Bit has a list of free downloads, so this Saturday you will get a second slide. We point out that we do this carefully No. On Free apps And Mobile games Fall, it’s always free. Instead, we want to show you premium apps that actually cost money, but are currently available for free as part of the campaign.

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If we know that an application will only be free for a very short time, we will add the last day to it. Especially with Apple apps, we have no overview of when the free phase will end. If you find apps that are already charged in our list, we would appreciate a note in the comments.

How we found apps and games, Antoine told you in a recent article “How to find free apps” Treachery. You can also let us know about related deals in the next bit forum.

One more note before we begin: If you are interested, download the game or app immediately – even if you do not have an instant app. Since the download goes directly to your application library, you can immediately delete the file and then reinstall it when you can use it.

Free Android Apps and Games

Free Android Processors

  • VPN Pro (Euro 0.89) [Endet Sonntag!]: The application advertises that all VPN servers are free and free of advertising. It is rated 4.6 stars, so what are you waiting for?
  • Stylish text (Euro 1.99): ASCII is a simple application that allows you to create art, unusual fonts, emoji-to-text, you can use it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
  • Audio recorder (Euro 0.59): Naming for an audio recorder is an omen, so it’s about recording audio. You can set color themes, bit rate and sample ratio and save the files in AAC and WAV format.
  • Snip pack (Euro 2,99) [Endet Sonntag!]: A tool for making voice recordings easily. Small portions will be stored on the mobile phone to make it easier to locate the desired area or hard transcriptions.
  • See Simple Now (Euro 0.79): Customize the icons in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, you can set commands for longer pressures.
  • Pro Music Camp (Euro 0.99): All smartphones have pre-installed music players, but Pro Camp guarantees you additional functionality like 10-band balance, boosts bass and lets you listen to files in a variety of formats.
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Free mobile games for Android

  • Ball Reach (Euro 0.59): Here you are balancing a ball through 3D levels. Very entertaining, but gets your nerves in between.
  • Peppa: Fun at the amusement park (Euro 3,49): I may be too old for the “Peppa Pig” excitement, but your kids will love the game. Various mini-games are played at the amusement park. Antoine is with you The game is presented in detail.
  • Magnetic Balls Pro (Euro 0.59): In this game you shoot balls of the same color to remove from the board. Regular “Match 3” game with nice 3D graphics.
  • Isometric squares (Euro 1.49): In this puzzle game you have to create a square from small squares. It works in 2D, but if you want to challenge your spatial thinking you can play it in 3D as well.
  • Meteor (Euro 2,79): Do you like asteroid caves rogue and preferably fight your way into a retro pixel look? Then this is your game!
  • Defender Legend Premium (Euro 0.59): Strategic game, in which you open and train the heroes and send them into battle against – again – zombies.
  • Traffic Jam Car Puzzle Premium (Euro 3,99): Another “Match 3” game, you get here in premium version.
  • Truth or Courage Pro (Euro 4,19): Games like Truth or Courage (Bottle Spin the Bot) matured me. Here you will get the ad-free version of the game.
  • Everdale (Euro 0.50): “Catch and Grow Monsters” reminds us of another game, doesn’t it? You can compete against players around the world or play in single player mode offline.
  • Hills Legend (Euro 0.59) [Endet heute!]: The horror adventure you fight back through the dark corridors of a mental hospital. What happened there? How did you get there? Always the same questions, right?
  • Shadow Night Premium (Euro 0.59)[Ende heute!]: This action game, in which you have to teach ghost creatures a little dignity with your sword, is free today – fast now!

Free iOS Apps & Games

Free apps for iOS

  • Air Disk Pro (Euro 3,49): We & # 39; ve recommended this comprehensive and well-rated file manager to you here many times – and we’ll do it again!
  • Photo Dongler (Euro 3,49): This application transforms your photos into the most creative galleries in no time.
  • HDPix – Wallpapers for you (Euro 4.49): The application explains the fact that this is the only wallpaper application you need. Given the 4.7 star rating, I tend to trust that rating.
  • Emoji camera (Euro 1,09): I think we have already recommended this photo app, which will spice up your photos with emojis and appropriate filters, at this point.
  • The Great Coffee App (Euro 4.49): This application continues to rank in the “Food and Beverage” category. Coffee may be due to hipsters – or the application may actually be an asset to coffee fans.
  • Unit Converter Pro (Euro 1,09): Applications that give you extensive support in switching units will always work, right? 4.7 stars on the App Store!
  • Photo Widget (Euro 1,09): This application allows you to place as many photo galleries as widgets on your screen.
  • Zodalius (Euro 2,29): Your shopping list is prepared here for viewing, so you can prioritize the most urgent items. You can add recipe items to lists and add items by voice command. You can share and export your listings with friends.
  • Scan Pro Elite (Euro 1,09): Do as the name implies: Scan documents, receipts, notes and more with your iPhone camera.
  • Walker: Pedometer & Function (Euro 1,09): Record the number of your daily steps a little differently. Monitor your progress using charts and widgets.
  • iWoman (Euro 2,29): This app for women aims to help with menstrual cycle monitoring and family planning. Ben is with you iWoman has already been presented in a separate article.
  • 720s: Digital OBD-II measurements (Euro 1,09): This application provides real-time access to your vehicle’s most important telemetry data. This requires an OBD-II Wi-Fi adapter installed in the vehicle.
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Free games for iOS

  • Peppa Pig: Amusement Park (Euro 3,49): We have already pointed out the Android version above. Even with the iOS version (significantly worse rated), your Peppas Amusement Park adventure is now free.
  • Montessori ABC 123 Kids Games (Euro 5.49): We are sticking to games for kids. With the bad name of “Montessori ABC 123 Kids Games” we can be glad your kids haven’t read yet, can we?
  • Corcolas Fells (Euro 1,09): On the Appstore, a reviewer writes about this textual adventure: It’s like a wonderful fantasy novel in which you play the lead role. Sounds promising, don’t you think so?
  • MinionSlayer: Development Security (Euro 1,09): This game combines tower defense with RPG and strategic components.
  • Volume versus volume (Euro 3,49): How do you describe the game without mentioning the name “Tetris”? Hard, hard!
  • Card crawl (Euro 5.49): This card game is a solitaire-style dungeon crawler. 180 reviews elevated it to a 4.8-star rating.
  • Card thief (Euro 3,49): We rely on cards in this “card sneaking game”. In our post about The best strategic games We have already recommended you, and it is described as a card game-strategy-game hybrid.
  • Maze machine (Euro 2,29): In this method based puzzle game you slip into the role of a fighting hero through a constantly changing machine platform.
  • Maze Chess (Euro 1,09): New variant of traditional chess, alternative system, calls and special rules.
  • Factory: Fabriksimulator (Euro 4.49): Take care of an alien planet by creating technology and factories.
  • Cloth (Euro 3,49): Are your eyes still playing properly? As you can find in this game, it’s about recognizing a slightly different color from the others.
  • Color tape (Euro 2,29): We are handling one of these colorful books for adults in digital form. Take your hobby with you through this app wherever you are. You have color charts of different types here.
  • Lindabu (Euro 6.99): Recommend this game, in which you can target YouTube or Influence carrier.
  • Elovio (Euro 5.49): In this educational game you can learn more about electricity and magnetism. Science games are aimed at both children and adults.
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So, dear Next Bit Community: That’s it for today. Keep in mind that the next list of free apps for your mobile phones or tablets will be released on Tuesday. Then continues Next bit On Facebook, Twitter And above TelegraphSo you do not miss anything, because from time to time we tap into personal application tips.