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So digitalisieren Sie Ihren Führerschein. Foto: Savanevich Viktar /

Digital driving license on a smartphone (instructions)

How to Digitalize Your Driving License Photo: Savanevich Viktar /

From September 23, 2021, driving licenses can be digitally stored on a smartphone. In this guide we will show you how to do this.

Before you can get a digital driver’s license on your smartphone, you need to know that it is now Not a complete replacement for a printed driver’s license. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) report, the digital version is an additional feature. For example, cars can be rented online or borrowed through car sharing. However, in the event of a police check, the analog driver’s license must still be issued.

Download Your Digital Driving License On Your Smartphone: Here’s How

To set up a digital driver’s license, you need an electronic ID card with a six-digit PIN. Read how to activate the online function for ID card Here.

Step 1: Download the ID wallet

First you need to download the “ID Wallet” processor App Store Or Google Play Store Download Tamil. When setting up, you must assign a six-digit PIN, however, for security reasons it should not be identical to the PIN on the electronic ID card.

Step 2: Confirm your identity

The second step is to confirm your identity in the ID wallet. To do this, you need an online ID, a six-digit PIN and a smartphone scanner.

Step 3: Digital driving license must be issued

After you verify your identity, you can apply for a digital driver’s license. To do this, you need This is the KBA QR code Be sure to scan and share the following data: surname, first name, date of birth and place of birth. You can now use your digital driver’s license.

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Which operating system do I need?

To download the ID Wallet app, you need Android 9 (or higher) or iOS14 (or higher).

Why don’t I get a digital driver’s license?

Issuance of digital driving licenses is currently only possible for driving licenses issued after January 1, 1999, as they are registered in the Federal Driving License Register with the uniform European driving license classes A to E. However, you can transfer old driving licenses to new card driver’s licenses to apply for a digital driver’s license.

Other reasons why you may not have a digital driver’s license include:

  • Your driver’s license has expired.
  • The driver’s license register currently contains negative entries about you (e.g. driving ban),
  • The sent personal data could not be clearly identified or
  • There is a technical error.

ID wallet does not work

There seems to be a problem with the ID wallet at this point and it crashes at startup. At least as many users report in the App Store reviews. There is application support About this page To achieve.

KBA will answer additional questions about digital driving licenses On this page.

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