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Reise nach Breeze Kartenenthuellung VALORANT

Journey to the Breeze: Riot Reveals New VALORANT Map

The next VALORANT map is called Breeze! Source: Riot Game

The teaser that distributed the riot game on the official VALORANT social media channels a few days ago is actually the first reference to the next VALORANT map! The first-person shooter developer and publisher revealed this on Friday afternoon.

The new VALORANT card is called Breeze and sends you to a Caribbean vacation paradise – what nonsense! But it will not be comfortable in a battle. After all, unlike the previous card, you have to “.Ice box“But don’t wear too thick.

Journey to the Breeze // Card Expression – VALORANT

Breeze in detail – this is the new map

As already mentioned, this is not very convenient in Breeze. Despite the summer feeling, the colorful design and the elaborate nature you encounter in Breeze, you have to be in your care every moment. Because the focus in the game will be wide, long and unobstructed lines of sight, which should please the shooters especially among you.

Anyone who loves VALORANT Lore can find some content in Breeze. Among other things, you will enjoy the history of the local people scattered in small details, but of course you will also create your own stories of your wars that will emerge in the new place.

Street art, fireworks and mysterious buildings complete the overall picture. In addition to the long straights, there will also be narrow corridors and rectangular zones, where you can find plenty of cover elements to cover or strategically position yourself.

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Tweets starts tonight

Speaking of which: you will receive detailed insights this Friday from 7pm, with select streamers being able to try out the new stream map live on their streams on Twitch: