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Fortnight prepares an amazing shortcut: fans in seventh heaven!

An incredible new shortcut to Fortnight may be coming soon. Surprising news for all users

Completely new and amazing crossover coming soon at Fortnight (YouTube screenshot)

One month after the release Fortnight’s new season, All of Saga’s fans are waiting to find out what he does for a living Epic game. These days many voices and rumors are chasing each other, completely upset between new level partnerships and exclusive events La Storyline del Battle Royale.

Among the many news that has come out, there is one thing that really drives you crazy All gamers. We talk about a possible new collaboration that will bring some of the most beloved anime characters in history to Game Island. A journey into the past, With exclusive skins and events.

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Fortnight, Crossover with Shuisha: Are Naruto and Dragon Ball coming?

As the well-known leak TweaBR said, the characters Naruto e Dragon Ball. Some insiders are, in fact, talking about a shortcut deal with Shuisha, the goal of which is to bring some of the most coveted characters of all time into Game Island. In addition to the already mentioned in the famous development house there are many shonans One Piece, Slam Dunk, Ken the Warrior and JoJo’s bizarre feat.

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At this time, no official confirmations have come so far, it may be Secondary cooperation That doesn’t really lead to changes on Game Island. But the fans are dreaming, and the idea of ​​a Royal victory With Goku Tease anyone a little.