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New Switch Update 12.1.0 brings more than just stability, and updates Joy-Cons •

New Switch Update 12.1.0 brings more than just stability, and updates Joy-Cons •

Version 12.1.0 is the latest system update for the Nintendo Switch.

This is again a minor interim update, so do not expect major innovations or changes.

But it actually offers more than just excellent stability for the console – of course that too!

Patch notes look like this:

  • The following system functionality is included:
    • If there is not enough space on the system memory (internal storage) or micro SD card when downloading game software update data, the old data for that software can now be deleted so that new data can be downloaded.
    • If the old data is deleted, the game will not run until the new data is downloaded.
  • General computer stability improvements have been made to improve the user experience.
Time to update the switch.

“[Switch-Firmware-Update] 12.1.0 is over … “writes Dataminer Oatmeal Dome For the new update. “Every part of the operating system has been updated. It is unknown at this time what the actual changes will be.”

Looks like Nintendo has introduced a new master key for encryption. Therefore detailed analyzes of the update are currently not possible.

Additionally, the latest version 12.1.0 includes an update for your Joy-con controllers. It’s not clear what it does in detail, but keeping your controllers up-to-date never hurts.

To update your Joy-Cons, go to Settings in the console menu, select the Controller area, and then look for the option to update Controllers. Wait for a moment while the console update process is done, then you can continue playing.

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