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Fortnight, developers among us accuse epic games of fraud -

Fortnight, developers among us accuse epic games of fraud –

Creators Within us They didn’t take it right Cheats method From Fortnight And publicly accused of stealth epic games. After all, the new system is identical, to put it mildly, the Innerslot game is already clear to everyone from the title.

Fortnight’s cheat mode takes place on a multi – room map called The Bridge, which closely resembles us. It is designed for ten players, including eight agents and two cheats, to find out who the former are. Agents have to perform various tasks, while cheaters try to kill them without finding them. After taking into account the various clues found by observing the dynamics of the game, the decision on who the cheaters are is by voting.

Does this remind you of anything? Programmer Gary Porter was the first on Twitter to underline the shameless performance of epic games, highlighting the similarity Maps Two games side by side.

To make it even clearer that these two maps are structurally identical, some players deny the evidence, with Twitter user Stephen Parker actually clarifying the “map” and making the comparison vague, showing how they combine different things. Rooms in two games.

The problem in this case was not copying the idea between us, but copying the game map and all of it MechanicalIn addition to the words used, without adding anything new or different in practice.

Fortnight on the other hand was born stealing Minecraft, which stealthily elevated PUBG and is now stealthily behaving among us and trying to keep itself alive. If this is not an official collaboration …

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Emic Victoria Tron, who is also the director of the community, expressed disappointment, appreciating Epic Games’ request for cooperation and not particularly appreciating the lack of original inspiration in the new Fortnight mode. Tron also complained about the powerlessness of independent studios like Innerslot in the face of giant companies like Epic Games, which crushes them through such efforts.