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Flirt with the son of the owner of Roma

Flirt with the son of the owner of Roma

New blindfolds Tilletta Leotta. According to Dagosbia, he is having an affair with Ryan Freidkin, the son of the owner of Roma.

Tilletta Liotta Unleashed: Download Go Out With Yemen And Roma Owner’s Son (Web Source)

The story between Dasn and the journalist Tilletta Leotta And Turkish actor Kane Yaman has been causing a lot of controversy. சுய் Social There is a lot of talk about them because they are both models of beauty dreamed up by boys and girls. Still, theirs History It will appear soon. There are no confirmations, but it seemsActor Turkey was expelled by the host.

A project in the background Wedding Rejected by Lotta, but not only. Second Tacospia, Behind the farewell Can Yemen There will be a meeting with Ryan Friedkin, the son of an American owner Roma, Don. The two will stay for a week at a prestigious Roman hotel, according to a portal directed by Di Agostino. Apparently all at the expense of the US executive.

(Instagram by Tilletta Leotta)

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Diletta Leota in Rome with Ryan Friedkin: A love story after Kane Yemen?

So goodbye Can Yemen. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the postFarewell To the actor (as it were) but of course unleashed Leotta Will argue again. Among other things, the party of direct interest confirmed something, albeit in “snacks and bites.” History Between him and the Turkish actor, it makes it clear that it has not stopped.

But apparently, according to the woman, it will take longer to get it Wedding. Although Lyota seems to have avoided it, direct confirmation terms. In the meantime, good Ryan Friedkin, 30, is a successful entrepreneur who divides his time between television and his time. Cinematography And many luxury resorts around the world. Not bad for beauties Beloved, Which won left and right hearts.

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