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The camera breaks alone, Samsung sued

The camera breaks alone, Samsung sued

In the United States, Samsung is facing a class action lawsuit over a Galaxy S20 series camera malfunction. Its safety glass shatters on its own.

Samsung is once again facing the courts. This time it was a class action brought to court in New Jersey, USA after the Galaxy’s camera protection glass failed. S20. All models in the range are affected Galaxy S20 In Galaxy S20 Ultra By Galaxy S20 +, The Galaxy S20 FE And their 5G variations.

“Bullet holes” without the slightest shock

The lawsuit was probably funded by law firm Hagens Berman and is said to be “worrying.”HundredsIn cases. For each of them, the problem remains: the glass that encloses the smartphone’s photo gallery “Without any external force, and breaks spontaneously even when the phone is protected by the shell“, Leaving on device”Bullet hole appearance“. For some complaints, this problem occurred very early in the life cycle of the terminal, sometimes even two days after purchase.

According to the law firm, Samsung will be agreeing in its forums “The problem arises from the internal pressure that builds up under the glass, but it resists anything against the customer“However, Samsung seems to refuse to accept this defect as a guarantee, thus forcing consumers to pay for repairs ($ 100 to $ 400).

Like the wind of Teja Wu

This is not the first time Samsung has encountered this problem. Already in 2017, The Korean manufacturer faced the courts for a similar issue affecting the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Active. The glass of the photo module then breaks spontaneously, in the same way, preventing its use. At the time, Samsung had already refused to pay back to disgruntled customers affected by this concern.

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So this is a new blow to Samsung, which is definitely not lucky for its smartphones. No need to remind The woes of the Galaxy Note 7 It is still firmly anchored in the collective minds of potential buyers.