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PS Plus: Free games for April, May and June leaked - Insider gets last chance

PS Plus: Free games for April, May and June leaked – Insider gets last chance

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An insider predicts games for the PS Plus in April, May and June. He made a mistake in April, but what about May 2021?

Update Vom 30. April 2021: Another month has passed and Sony has one again Swing of free games for PS Plus Announced. Since the 4Chan leak for April was probably a mistake, it is now interesting to see if the signer could be at least Proved to be right in May That. One of the simplest answers Not definite. Injustice 2, no end with cupheads or dreams, None of these games Added to Sony’s subscription service in May 2021. Instead, the fans get it Regfest, Battlefield V and Stranded Deep Served.

Name of service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly fees 8.99 Rs
Providers Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Consoles PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
Benefits 2 months free games, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store, 100GB online storage
Active members 45 million users

PS Plus: Free Games “Leaked” for April, May and June 2021 – Insider robs fans of confidence

Let’s see it now Leak since March At least for that June 2021 OK. But chances are more than bad. When it was first released on 4Chan Many fans were strongly skeptical In anticipation, one is called Shadow Drop Van Ratchet & Plain: Inside the Nexus To get. However, Sony is currently big on new information other than Ratchet & Clang: Rift and has made the game for exclusive titles on the PS5 the focal point of the last State of the Play.

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Update from March 31, 2021: It has been at least a month since 4chan was allegedly leaked Turns out to be inferior. Sony has it Free games for April 2021 Now announced and from the colorful, cuddly games Captain Subasa and a Hot in Time No trace. Join the already confirmed instead Otworld Soulstorm Two games about zombies and victims. From April 6, subscribers to the PS Plus online service viz The days went by And Zombie Army 4: Battle of the Dead Download Tamil. At the very least it would suggest that leaks are also wrong.

Preliminary report from March 29, 2021: Tokyo, Japan – March will end soon. PS Plus subscribers have one more week to secure free games from March 2021. We will hear about the next topics on March 31st Opened April 6th Should be. Not much is known about them at this time Upcoming free games. So far, only one game has been confirmed for them PS5It will be free for release next month. A Liquor But think of new games for online service Sony Already know – that too Not just for April 2021.

PS Plus: Liquor promises big titles for months to come

We already know the free games for this PS Plus in April, May and June 2021 – If the current leak is proven to be true. It comes from you Anonymous 4chan userHe claims to be marketing to a branch of PlayStation in Asia. His 4chan post about PS plus games He explains that he has already seen free games for the next few months to work on translation and PR stuff. Do the following Upcoming months on PS Plus See:

  • April 2021
    – Otworld Soulstorm (PS5 Exclusive)
    – Captain Subasa: Rise of new champions (PS4, PS5)
    – Cap of Time (PS4, PS5)
  • May 2021
    – Injustice 2 (upgrade to PS4, PS5)
    – Cuphead (PS4, PS5)
    – Dreams (PS4, PS5, PSVR)
  • June 2021
    – GDA Online (PS5 exclusive for next gen release)
    – Ratchet & Blank: Inside the Nexus Remaster (PS5)
    – Ratchet & Blank: Inside the Nexus (PS4)
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At least one secure bank is hidden in the list, as Sony has already announced the Ottward World Soulstorm on PS Plus for April 2021. Other games for April and May At least that sounds reasonable. Over the past few months Sony has not properly stored up on the key topics for the PS Plus subscription. It would be conceivable that this would be proportional Current games like Dreams Or Captain Subasa: The Rise of the New Champions will still be free. Appear more Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split In June, this will be understandable Within the direct predecessor Nexus Do it for free in the same month.

PS Plus: Fans are skeptical about the leak – another strategic game is already under discussion

But the 4chan leak will hit fans Rather pessimism. At Reddit, many people exchange information via post and notice some inconsistencies. For example, Ratchet & Clang: Into the Nexus was released on the PS3 instead of the PS4, and many consider it unlikely to be remastered in the same month except Sony Rift. Practically nowhere Providing for free. Also, this post means that Sony already has one Release date for the updated version of GTA5 Available, which fans see with some skepticism.

PS Plus: Free games for April, May and June leaked – but fans are skeptical

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Even the trusted internal navra in the reset forum Thinks the leak is a fake. But the 4chan post is not the only leak circulating on the internet at the moment. A few weeks ago, B.S. Sekro was also under discussion as a free game for the Plus, most recently in April 2021 on PS. Civilization 6 leaked to Plus. No rumors will come true when Sony is on March 31st Officially announces upcoming free games.

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