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Flight Simulator: "Significant Performance Updates" - Testers wanted

Flight Simulator: “Significant Performance Updates” – Testers wanted

of Thilo Bayer
Outside of known SIM updates, Microsoft is looking for testers to try out “significant performance updates” on the flight simulator. This time the beta test only takes place on Steam, although you do not need to have an Air Simulator on Steam.

Microsoft is always looking for testers for the flight simulator, they should try out the upcoming changes beforehand. This was the last Case with SIM Update 4 – But now there seems to be a change in consideration.

Join “Significant Performance Updates”

Um Latest developer update Microsoft appreciates next flight opportunity for flight simulator. According to Microsoft, the starting point is “significant updates and data changes for simulation”, which now require as many different game PCs as possible. The tester should then test the stability and performance of the upcoming game client. Microsoft clarifies that this game development does not bring any content changes, but “significant performance updates”. It is hoped that this will be the announced DirectX 12 version. It will actually appear in the summer, releasing the flight simulator version for the Xbox Series X.

Unlike the previous two beta tests, this flight is not via the Xbox Insider Hub, but via Steam. You must use an airplane simulator But not on Steam because selected participants will receive a code via email so they can download a special trial version of MSFS. The only requirements are to have enough space on your computer to manage the new (temporary) version of the flight simulator. Registration is set to open soon for all interested parties, with 300 testers finally to be selected.

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What is the general development of the flight simulator? On May 25, SIM-update 4 appeared, and on June 24, the possibility of a world-update 5 centered on the Nordic countries, according to the current road map. The promised upgrades can go into the flight simulator with this update. The next pure SIM update, on the other hand, will not come until mid-July.

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