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Dictoc introduces new rules to better protect teenagers

Dictoc introduces new rules to better protect teenagers

In particular, the direct message of the application will be disabled by the age of 16-17. The purpose of the social network is to protectPreferred by the public against harassment or insomnia.

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What is the protection of younger users of the social network? DickTalk, the world’s most downloaded application by 2020, announced on Thursday, August 12, additional restrictions to protect teens, its target audience, from harassment or insomnia.

Direct messaging is disabled by the age of 16-17. Usually teenagers will be encouraged to pay more attention to who can watch the uploaded videos.

People under the age of 16, in particular, will be forced to choose their subscribers, their friends or anyone. And some options will be disabled “Stitch” And “Duet”. Allows you to take one video and shoot the other in parallel to broadcast both simultaneously. Some users do it to value other users, but some do it to discredit them. In addition, 13-15 year olds will no longer receive notifications after 9pm, and 16-17 year olds may be encouraged to have pleasant nights after 10pm.

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