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Five bodies found in fire at Rodewormwald: Police believe father killed his family - Panorama - Kesselseft

Five bodies found in fire at Rodewormwald: Police believe father killed his family – Panorama – Kesselseft

Police are considering a homicide within the family after five bodies were found in a residential building in Rodeverwald. According to previous investigations, the 41-year-old father killed his wife, two and four-year-old daughters and his 77-year-old mother-in-law.

It can be assumed that the person first killed his family members with a knife before 5pm on Friday, then set the house on fire and then killed himself with a knife.

“The purpose of this act should be to see the failure of the marital relationship,” the public prosecutor and police in Cologne said Saturday. There are no signs of the involvement of others.

The house was locked on Saturday, but a DPA photographer said there were no police at the scene. There was a flower in front of the house.

On Friday evening, identification service work began on the snow-covered street. Forensic agents with white security cases and fire investigators were at the scene and entered the building. The crash site was surrounded by a large area. The location glows in the dark with bright headlights.

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A spokesman said firefighters put out the blaze and moved on after a two-hour firefight. The scene of the fire was later handed over to the police. The corpses were then taken from the whitewashed house.

The tall building is located on the main road at the edge of Rodewormwald in the Herbeck district with a ground floor and a somewhat extended room.

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At 5 p.m., an emergency call came in that a house was on fire. During the shutdown operation, emergency services arrived in all five bodies. At 7.30pm, the fire brigade returned. “Nothing to do”. The windows of the house were shattered, but no signs of fire were visible. On Saturday the broken windows were replaced by chipboard and the shutters on the windows were lowered. (dpa)