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Shadow has been removed from the App Store again

Shadow has been removed from the App Store again

New setback for PC in the cloud Shadow. The service’s iOS / tvOS usage has been blocked from the App Store again. Users who have previously downloaded it can continue to use it and download it again from the purchase, but it is no longer accessible to others..

Shadow on the iPod Pro. This service is designed for gaming above all else, but since we have access to full Windows, nothing prevents us from using it for anything else.

“During a check for the latest version, Apple teams decided to remove the shadow iOS, iPados and TVOS apps from the App Store.”, Indicated Law start-up plate. “We are currently in further discussions with the Apple team.”, He specifies the reason for the rejection (Apple usually refers to this matter), but does not want to be contacted so as not to aggravate the situation.

There was shadow Already expelled It was out of the App Store for two and a half months at the beginning of last year. The author had a low profile in this regard, but the iOS application May have returned At the expense of its game launcher missing. Apple has ruled that this functionality violates one of the specific rules for remote desktop customers, in this case “Customer user interface should not be like iOS or App Store. “

Game streaming services are very closely monitored Built in the App Store, So many actors (Now GeForce, Stadia, Amazon Luna2) Now I want to use a web application from Apple that does not require verification.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The last version in store (3.2.2) was in November. It came with full support for Bluetooth and wired keyboards and mice, which opened up the possibility of playing FBS on the iPod. There is no indication that this innovation is causing Apple any problems, and the review team was able to identify a previous breach. Guidelines.

Since this release, Blade has released several betas on Test Flight (with mic management, adaptive maximum performance and other improvements and fixes), but has not been able to release an update to the release since launch. ‘The App Store is not resolved until there is controversy.

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