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First update with some new features

First update with some new features

Microsoft has released update 22000.65 for Windows 11 in the Insider program with some bug fixes and new features.

Microsoft has released the first update for the beta Windows 11. Surprisingly, this is not a new creation, but a simple overall update. So we create 22000, but its correction is at 65.

Why logins get overall updates

With the development of Windows Sun Valley, the development of Windows 11 has already progressed a lot. Today, the creation of 22000 offered to members of the Insider program to test Windows 11 is actually based on an “RTM”, which means almost the final version of this first version of the new Windows in the “branch”. Co_release “. Until the public release, the development of Windows 11 will continue to progress, thus integrating the first major computer update directly into the” co_refresh “branch.

In other words, the general public should never have the opportunity to test version “1.0” of Windows 11, which is reserved for members of the Insider program. This situation explains why the first update issued yesterday is simple Overall update, Pushing the build number to 22000.65. Members of the Insider program are still in the “co_release” branch of version 1.0, and it is not pending commercial release. In a few weeks, they should switch to “co_refresh”.

Update with some new features

This does not prevent Microsoft from offering some more new features with this version 22000.65.

Adding a search bar to the Windows 11 Start menu is a very important innovation. We feel this is the first draft because the Start menu disappears in order to bring up a simple click Windows search in the search field. The animation was not really successful. This new option should allow more people to discover installed applications.

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Among other new features we can mention the arrival of the taskbar on other monitors, which disappeared in the first insider configuration and redesigned many warning or warning messages will be in Windows 11 colors.

This update is also available PrintNightmare bug fix for complex bug. It also includes a number of bug fixes related to the new file explorer, settings, widgets, and taskbar.

It’s still in beta

Although it is based on a version that is considered to be almost final locally in the co_release branch, Windows 11 is still a beta. We do not always recommend installing on a malicious system. Microsoft lists several known bugs in this update article.

If you want Download and install Windows 11 on another computer, Or on a virtual machine, here is the process.