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This computer cannot run Windows 11: this is how you solve the problem


Windows 11 cannot be installed on some computers due to high computer requirements. With the registry hack we showed, it still works.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 cannot be installed on many older computers due to high computer requirements.

Windows 10 will require a reliable operating system module (DPM) and at least 4GB of RAM in the future.

As a newly registered Windows Insider, if you want to try Windows 11 in the preview phase instead of downloading, you will get the message “This PC cannot run Windows 11” on related devices.

Microsoft will make Windows 11 previews available to pre-registered Windows insiders before June 24, 2021, even on hardware not officially supported.

With a small registry hack, Windows 11 previews can work on all other devices. Even on a virtual machine without 2GB of RAM and DPM support, you can easily download and test the Windows 11 preview.

The method shown in the steps below should work with all Windows 11 Insider preview versions. The final version of Windows 11 cannot be installed with it.

If you have Windows 11 ISO and your computer meets other computer requirements besides the missing DPM chip, you can use another trick to install Windows 10 from the successor USB stick.

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